Home Transition


The Rector We Seek…

After a thorough review to identify our current parish strengths as well as our needs going forward, The Church of the Good Shepherd, Burke, VA, has posted its Community Ministry Portfolio with the Diocese of Virginia and the National church for the position of Rector.

Regarding our strengths, it became clear that our parish has a great energy around outreach, music, youth, and creating a sense of fellowship and community. We also saw that we have a dual need to continue attracting new parishioners – especially families with children – while we provide pastoral care to the existing, more senior parishioners. Our older members not only constitute a majority of our total church membership, but they are our leaders, our workers, and our inspiration in helping to build this congregation.

Based on all of the input we received, the key gifts and skills essential for our next rector to bring will include being:

  • An Engaging Spiritual Speaker
  • A Collaborative Leader who Involves Laity
  • Welcoming, Inclusive, and Community-Oriented Minister
  • An Empathetic and Personable Pastoral Counselor

The process is being viewed by your Search Committee as “a discernment of a covenantal relationship”. We will share our parish story, our hopes, fears, and challenges, and pray that our next rector hears our call. We ask that you pray for us and our next rector as well. Thank you for your continued support.

The results of the survey conducted by the Search Committee are out. Click here to find the complete report.

  • Roger Libby, Search Committee Chair
  • Gail Calabrese, Co-chair, Parish Profile
  • Perry Brown, Co-chair, Search Process
  • Committee: Avis Bent, Ryan Bradley, Sam Conner, Charlotte Hinkle, Faith Hurley, Fred Jones, Chris Lynn, Sam Martin, Kelly O’Brien, Ingrid Sides, and Dottie Wimberly

The present interim period is seen as prime time for renewal and re-energizing the parish in its life and mission. Beyond maintaining effective ministry during this period, the Vestry and Interim shall work together to prepare for a healthy transition to the next Rector.

The parishioners of Good Shepherd are presented with the opportunity and associated challenges of re-envisioning who we have been, who we are now, and who God is calling us to be in the future.

Over the coming months, we will undertake this journey together recognizing that this transition, if approached faithfully, will strengthen us and be a time of great discovery and growth in our mission.

Search Committee Prayer
Almighty God, you have watched over us from our foundation and you alone know the plans laid out for our future, one that is full of grace and service to change lives, drawing us closer to your heavenly kingdom. Be with this Search Committee, we pray; enlighten them, guide their work, and infuse them with your wisdom, patience, steadfastness, and courage. We humbly ask you to be with our next rector. Give to this person an open heart to hear your call. And we pray that you will bless all of us in this time. Grant us your peace and a deep and abiding trust in you, your church, and this community as this time of our life unfolds. All this we pray through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.