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Andy Russell talks about year in Tanzania

Parishioner Andy Russell talks about his year as an Episcopal missionary in Tanzania

The Education Hour is at 9:15 a.m. Sundays, between the services, will be an opportunity to come together for study and discussion during the Adult Forum. Children’s Sunday School and the Youth Christian education program will also take place during this time. Child care also is available.

Adult Education in Lent will explore the last week in the life of Jesus. We will discuss matters including:

  • Why was Jesus welcomed on Palm Sunday and rejected later in the week?
  • Did Jesus declare himself to be Messiah? Did he declare himself to be God? Or did others say this about him?
  • Did Jesus seek to overturn the existing religious order? Did he pose a threat to Roman rule?
  • What was the intent of his commands at the Last Supper?
  • What did Jesus teach about “end times”? Who was responsible for the execution of Jesus?

Thursday Nights in Lent
Beginning Thursday, March 9 and continuing for five weeks, Steve Goldman will lead a discussion on the power and limitations of forgiveness based on a course he teaches for OLLI. The text is The Sunflower by Simon Wiesnthal. This is an amazing book that provides real insight into the complicated subject of forgiveness. A light supper will be provided at 6:30. Some of the issues for discussion include:

  • How do we understand the relationship between justice and forgiveness?
  • Do we have the moral authority to forgive or ask forgiveness for offenses committed against others?
  • Are some offenses so egregious that they should not be forgiven under any conditions? If so, what are these offenses and how do they differ from those which can be forgiven?
  • Does forgiveness include absolution from payment for offenses committed?
  • What do the sacred texts of different religious traditions teach about God’s willingness to forgive, and what do they say about the obligations of humans to forgive or withhold forgiveness?

If you plan to attend any or all of the sessions, please sign up in the Narthex or email the office. To buy The Sunflower, click here.